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Membership - Now that you know us, join us!

Youth Steering Committee members are appointed by the USC Township Commissioners and School Board for a term of four years.  All relevant clearances and background checks are required by law.  


The time commitment is approximately 2-3 hours/month from September to June, consisting of attending monthly meetings and participating in YSC events such as our semi-annual Youth Blasts and Community Day. 

The Committee currently has openings for new members!    If interested, click on the link below, fill out the Talent Bank survey form, and submit it to  Or feel free to contact any committee member for more information. Your application will be considered by the Committee and if accepted, presented to the Township Board and School Board for voting.

If four years seems too much a commitment, consider just becoming a volunteer for the committee by attending our meetings and offering input, services, chaperoning, etc when you're available! 


If you are interested in more info, please Contact Us or click the button below!

Just want to Volunteer?

The Committee is always looking for volunteers to chaperone the Youth Blasts and other events. (All relevant Clearances are required by law.)  Please email us if you are interested in volunteering!

Attend our Meetings

All interested USC parents, students and community members are welcome to attend Youth Steering Committee meetings and programs!  Meetings and programs are currently held remotely.  Click here for more info.


When:   2nd Wednesday of each month from September through June,

Time:     7PM

Where:  Community & Recreation Center at Boyce Mayview Park

               1551 Mayview Road, Upper St. Clair